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Colorado Conservation Tillage Association is a non-profit (501-C5) organization whose mission is to serve the conservation and no-till farmers of the High Plains.  The High Plains encompasses Eastern Colorado, Northwest Kansas, Southwest Nebraska and Wyoming.


To facilitate the exchange of ideas to preserve our agricultural soil and water resources for generations by providing a system which drastically reduces soil erosion, conserves soil moisture and builds organic matter.


To disseminate both local and national information variables affecting optimum production such as:  conservation, tillage, water conservation, residue management, fertility, and erosion control – all resulting in greater profit and less expense.

> Bylaws: 2021 Revised

CCTA Activities include:

  • Annual Conference in February
  • CCTA Journal Newsletter
  • College Agriculture Scholarship
  • Website with Links to Ag Resources


Joni Mitchek
23929 County Road 16
Kit Carson, CO 80825
Phone: 719-892-0379

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