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Board of Directors

The affairs of the Association shall be managed by its Board of Directors which shall consist of thirteen members of the association, of which five are industry (private enterprise and public agencies) and eight are farmers.

Directors are elected for two-year terms. No director shall be eligible to serve more than three consecutive terms, but may be re-elected after retiring for a minimum of one year.

> Past presidents

CCTA Board of Directors

Cory Gilbert, President
Burlington, CO

Jeff Hurlburt, Vice President
Idalia, CO

Justin King, Treasurer
Burlington, CO

Patrick Einspahr, Secretary
Seibert, CO

Bob Stahly
Stratton, NE

Patrick Hume
Springfield, CO

Corey Stephens
Holly, CO

Brandon Buchleiter
Sterling, CO

Roy Pfaltzgraff III
Haxtun, CO

John Niswonger
Leoti, Kansas

AJ Worden
Burlington, CO

Jay Young
Tribune, KS

Cole Lohrding
Coldwater, KS

Joni Mitchek, Coordinator
Kit Carson, CO

Angie Stone, Assistant Coordinator
Flagler, CO