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The High Plains No-Till Conference features a variety of breakout sessions presented by producers, industry experts, and University personnel. Breakouts for the 2023 Conference include:

  • “Arid Farming in Colorado: It’s Time to Question Everything”
    Roy Pfaltzgraff
  • “Become Extremely Efficient and Successful as a Regenerative Farmer”
    Jay Young
  • “Capturing Added-Value through Direct Marketing”
    Annette Thomas
  • “Why Time Matters More Than Space”
    Jim Gerrish
  • “Cover Crop Strategies”
    Shawn Freeland
  • “There’s a Hole in the Bucket – Shoe String Operating and Why I Won’t Go Back”
    Roy Thompson
  • “From Disease to Abundant Life”
    Roy Thompson
  • “Introduction to Pivot Bio and In Field Results from 2022”
    Matt Murrow
  • “Jump Outside the Box: Thoughts on Marketing, Cancer, Grazing, and Raising Grass Finished Beef in a Low Rainfall Area”
    Mark Lohrding
  • “Compost Basics and Commitment for Success”
    Dan Rasure
  • “Relay Cropping in Eastern Colorado”
    Brad Wingfield
  • “Producing 5,000 Pounds of Sunflowers per Acre”
    Ron Meyer
  • “True Challenges and Opportunities with Polycropping”
    Jason Mauck
  • “No-Till Farming and What It Means to Your Operation”
    Nate Northup
  • “Farming with Compost, Ranching with Purpose”
    Corey Stephens
  • “Producer Panel: Interseeding Covers into Corn”
    Jay Young, Jeff Steffen, Derek Heckman
  • “Soil Testing in Nature’s Image”
    Liz Haney
  • “How Regenerative Ag Made Farming Profitable AND Fun for Me Again”
    Scott Heinemann
  • “Managing Your Margins”
    Scott Scheimer
  • “Federal Conservation Programming – Past, Present, and Future”
    Dan Waldvogle, Ashley House
  • “Wind Erosion and Rainfall Simulator”
    Candy Thomas
  • “Balancing the Tax Tail of the Estate Planning Dog”
    Grant Gattis
  • “How to Survive Extreme Weather Events with Cover Crops”
    Zach Louk
  • “Sunflower Updates”
    Ron Meyer

Speaker suggestions for future events may be emailed to coordinator@highplainsnotill.com.