2017 Keynote Speaker

Chris Barron
Director of Operations and President of Carson and Barron Farms, Inc

Chris B. Barron is the Director of Operations and President of Carson and Barron Farms, Inc. which is located in Rowley, Iowa, “Northeast Iowa”

Chris graduated from the University of Dubuque in 1992 with a degree in Communications. In 1992, Chris, along with his brother-in-law took over their Pioneer Sales agency which had been run by his father for the past 22 years. Today the Pioneer agency is still an integral part of their operation. Chris has over 25 years of experience working with and understanding customer needs while at the same time steadily growing their own farming operations.

Over the last 22 years, Chris has developed many decision tools to help producers improve the profitability of their operation. Most notably, he developed “Profit Manager” which is a tool used by hundreds of corn and soybean producers across the Corn Belt.

Most recently, Chris has developed a new business model to assist producers with Multi-Generational Growth through the business “Ag View Solutions LLC.” Chris has implemented this plan into his own family’s farming operation with the mission of improving quality of life and maximizing profit opportunities.  Chris works as a consultant across the country helping Ag businesses and farmers with multiple business decisions including networking, merging, value assessment, and margin management. 

Rudy Garcia
NRCS Regional Soil Health Specialist

Rudy Garcia has worked for the USDA-NRCS for the past 25 years. He had been in the NM State Agronomist position for 10 years before accepted the position as Regional Soil Health Specialist for the states of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. The main agronomic issues that he has worked on are: irrigation water management, salinity management, nutrient management, and cropping systems that build soil health (i.e., crop rotations, cover crops, high quality compost, hoop houses, subsurface drip irrigation, minimum-till, etc.). Rudy will wrap up the conference by helping attendees put the information learned to use on their farms.

Steve Tucker
Nebraska Producer and Co-Founder AgriForce Seed

Steve Tucker spent his childhood moving from city to city as the son of an Air Force Recruiter.  Each summer he would make his way to the family farm in Southwest Nebraska to work with his grandfather. After High School, Steve attended the University of Nebraska where he received a BS in Agronomy. He returned to the farm to take over the family operation where he now resides with his wife and four children. Recently Steve and his business partner, Jeff Olsen, started AgriForce Seed. Steve’s background and humor allow him to communicate a different perspective on farm management practices and profits.


Mixed Crops

A Quarter Century of Education

CCTA’s goal it so disseminate both local and national information on variables affecting optimum production such as: conservation tillage, water conservation, energy conservation, residue management, fertility, erosion control and maximum economic yield. As such, CCTA has spent a quarter of a century providing education to its members in all these areas.

You are invited to join us January 31- February 1, 2017 for the next CCTA Conference and help us us continue our education goal.