2018 Keynote Speaker

Christine JonesChristine Jones

Dr. Christine Jones is an internationally renowned and highly respected groundcover and soils ecologist. She has a wealth of experience working with innovative landholders to implement regenerative land management practices that enhance biodiversity, increase biological activity, sequester carbon, activate soil nutrient cycles, restore water balance, improve productivity and create new topsoil. Christine has organised and participated in workshops, field days, seminars and conferences throughout Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Europe and North America an d has a strong publication and presentation record

Christine received a Community Fellowship Award from Land and Water Australia in 2001. The LWA  Community Fellowship Program was designed to ‘provide recognition to individuals with an outstanding track record in mobilising and inspiring the commun ity to better manage their land, water and vegetation’.

In February 2009, Christine established the prestigious A & K Hill Green Agriculture Innovation Awards (GAIA) with generous support from Allan and Kay Hill, who viewed an ABC Landline program documenting her vision to improve landscape health and farm productivity through the rebuilding of  topsoil. The GAIA awards ran for five years. Christine is a member of Arizona State University’s ‘Carbon Nation Team’ and sits on the advisory panel of ‘The Carbon Underground’. These organisations recognise that farming and grazing practices designed to improve levels of soil carbon through the active management of diverse yearlong green groundcover are key to the restoration of soil function, water balance and the nutrient density of food Qualifications B.Sc. (First Class Honours) University of New South Wales, Kensington, NSW, Australia PhD. University of New England, Armidale, NSW, Australia

Research/teaching/extension experience
1973-1981: University of New South Wales, CSIRO Division of Textile Technology
1981-1998: University of New England; Agronomy, Soil Science, Botany
1998-2003: NSW Department of Land and Water Conservation
2004: Founding of ‘Amazing Carbon’
2005: Implementation of the ‘Managing the Carbon Cycle’ Forum series
2007: Launch of the Australian Soil Carbon Accreditation Scheme (ASCAS)
2009: Establishment of the A & K Hill Green Agriculture Innovation Awards (GAIA) 
2014: Scientific Advisor on Plant Nutrition, Best Environmental Technologies
2015: ‘Fundamentals of Soils’ workshops: Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, USA, Canada.


Nathan HaileNathan Haile

Nathan’s 21 years with the Natural Resources Conservation Service has given him the opportunity to evaluate soils across the state of Texas and many unique regions of the nation. For the past 10 years he has focused his efforts on improving knowledge of soil quality in Texas. He graduated with a Plant and Soil Science degree from Tarleton State University and is currently the Soil Health Specialist for Texas NRCS. Nathan and his wife Angie have 2 daughters and enjoy raising kids and cows on a small operation in Hamilton, Texas.

Mixed Crops

A Quarter Century of Education

CCTA’s goal it so disseminate both local and national information on variables affecting optimum production such as: conservation tillage, water conservation, energy conservation, residue management, fertility, erosion control and maximum economic yield. As such, CCTA has spent a quarter of a century providing education to its members in all these areas.

You are invited to join us February 5-6, 2019 for the next CCTA Conference and help us us continue our education goal.