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The High Plains No-Till Conference features a variety of breakout sessions presented by producers, industry experts, and University personnel. Here’s a sneak peek at the 2024 lineup:

“Read the Weed”
Nicole Masters

“Linkages Among Water, Nutrients,
and Soil Biology”

Jerry Hatfield

“Main Climate Drivers and Expected Long-Range Trends for the High Plains”
Don Day Jr.

“Stacking Enterprises: Adding Diversity to Our Family Farm”
Lydia Dresbach

“Your Journey into Soil Health”
Nicole Masters

“Foliar Biology – Friend or Foe?”
Nick Vos

“Learning from the Wisdom of
Your Soil”

Clinton Wilson

“Farmer and Rancher Work Together and Learn Something in the Process”
Mark Lohrding & Lance Feikert

“Thrive! Don’t Just Survive”
Michael Thompson

“Key Estate Planning and Business Succession Concepts and Applications for Farm and Ranch Families”
Roger McEowen

“Sunflower Production Updates”
Ron Meyer

“Getting Started: Opportunities in Agriculture”
Guest Panel

“Maximizing Diversity”
Producer Panel

“Adapt, Progress, Succeed”
Tyler Tobald

“Bourgault Fertilizer Placement Trial Results in Canola and Wheat”
Curtis de Gooijer

“Microbial-Plant Communications”
Nicole Masters

“Funds vs. Fundamentals: Risk Management in Today’s Ag Markets”
Mike Zuzolo

“Cover Crops Make Sense, but Do They Make Dollars?”
Keith Berns

“Land as Your Legacy”
Timothy Kohl

“Surviving the Drought”
Brice Custer

“It’s Time to Question Everything, Again…”
Roy Pfaltzgraff

“A Flexible Mindset for a Volatile Environment”
Patrick Einspahr & Curtis Sayles

“Stock Cropping”
Zack Smith

“Compost, Plant Health, and Bio Fertilizers”
Cory Miller

“Soil Health: Impacting Your Field, Your Farm, Your Family, and the Environment”
Jerry Hatfield

“Interpreting Your Soil’s Fitness”
Terry Buettner

“What are Biologicals and How to Select the Right One”
Kade Haas

“Fully Integrated Cropping and
Cattle Grazing”

John Grabbe

“Worm Castings, Extracts, Worms, and More”
Dan Rasure

Speaker suggestions for future events may be emailed to coordinator@highplainsnotill.com.